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Robotics workshop in Delhi | Learn Robotics in Delhi

Robotics workshop in Delhi | Summer-winter training workshop in Delhi-Noida | Best institute for robotics-embedded training, electronics, lego mindstorm EV3


Our motive of Robotics workshop in Delhi

At Robodude, we are committed to provide quality education in the field of Robotics. The main motive of providing Robotics workshop are:

Students will learn about the basics of electronics,

Students will learn to make a wired and wireless robot,

And how to interface sensor with it.

We arrange the workshop in the tech fest and events in the schools and colleges. The engineering students in the colleges get a chance to learn robotics by the professionals. Our courses are designed for kids, engineering students and as well as working professionals. The timings of training classes are flexible in our robotics workshop. The benefits of our summer and winter training is that students utilize their time by developing projects, get specialized in Robotics and develop complete skills.
Robotics workshop in Delhi

Robodude provides 2 days Robotics workshop of 4 hours per day. The main focus is on following topics:

Line follower robot

Edge avoiding robot

Obstacle avoiding robot

Hand gesture based wireless robot.

At Robotics workshop in Delhi, our syllabus is designed as:

Day 1:

Introduction to electronics

A) What is electronics, 

B) On/Off a led using switch, 

C) What is breadboard, 

D) What is multimeter, 

E) How to check battery voltage using multimeter

Introduction to robotics

A) What is robotics

B) Power supply

C) Actuators

D) Sensors

Day 2:

Introduction to motor and motor driver

A) How motor works

B) How to drive a motor

C) Manually driving a motor using battery

Introduction to sensors

A) What are sensors

B) How to interface it with motor

C) Making of different types of robot

This workshop training programme focuses on training students from basic. It clears the concept and confusion of the students. Students get the chance to expand their knowledge. Most of their time will be spent on hands-on practical activities. In our Robotics workshop, we give robotics kit to the students. The students are trained practically. They are given live projects.Robotics workshop in Delhi

Where do we provide Robotics workshop in Delhi?

We provide robotics workshop in Delhi in various schools and colleges in Delhi. We provide robotics workshop at school and college level where we give 2 days training to the students. The professionals train the students with the effective methods in the workshop. They use the latest and updated technology for training students. Practical training is given to students in the workshop. Our training programs are designed in such a way that lets the students learn with the innovative technology and clear their doubts. These programs develop the skills of the students with having fun. Professional teachers of Robodude clear the confusion and concepts easily by their innovative ideas.

After the completion of the training, students get the certification. The certificates given by Robodude are genuine and can be verified online.

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