Robotics training classes in Delhi

Robotics classes-Robotics training in Delhi-Robodude
Robotics training classes in Delhi are the classes for the engineering students, kids and working professionals for providing robotics training in Delhi. There are numerous courses in Robotics training classes in Delhi. Lego training is for kids, Embedded systems training, AVR microprocessor training for engineering students and advanced training programs for the professionals who are working and want to develop their skills in Robotics, embedded training. Students learn Robotics and make their own working Robot in the Robotics classes in Delhi-ncr.

Robotics classes-Robotics training in Delhi

About Robotics

Robotics is the engineering study that deals with the construction, functions, application and operation of robots. A robot does work itself or on the assistance of a human. The term Robotics is derived from the word Robot which means labour (Slavic word= robota). Robotics was introduced by Czech writer Karel Capek.There are many types of robots and have different uses but they all have three basic similarities in them:

The construction i.e, shape, form and design are of same kind.

All have electrical components to control the machinery.

All robots have computer programming code to time them accordingly.


Why choose Robodude for Robotics training classes in Delhi?

Robodude Technologies pvt. ltd. is the best institute for robotics training classes in Delhi. Robodude provides academic and practical robotics training to students in the best environment. Faculty at Robodude is highly qualified and we have most experienced professional teachers. They train the students practically and clear their confusions. We have various digital electronics courses:

For basics, we train the students in 8051

8051 is a microcontroller which uses two different kinds of memory such as UV-EPROM, Flash and NV-RAM. It is a revolutionary set of microcontrollers and preferred choice for professionals.

For advanced, we have AVR, PIC, ARM and arduino family.

These are advanced programmes for students who want to step up to the advanced programs. Working professionals who want to develop their skills also join these advanced programs.

                                                                                                Robotics classes-Robotics training in Delhi

Robotics with AVR microcontroller training is suitable for the students who are pursuing, or any courses in Electrical, Electronics and telecommunication. AVR is the latest technology in the market. It’s design with efficient power and well performance makes it the best microcontroller.

AVR means Advanced Virtual RISC. We offer basic and advanced training in AVR microcontroller. Basic AVR training program is for the students who are willing to learn basics of AVR as summer or winter training. Our advanced AVR project is designed for working professionals. It also covers the syllabus of basic AVR training. We provide training kit and study material to the enrolled students.

At Robodude, you will understand the

Basics of Robotics and its functions,

Robotics with AVR microcontroller,

Knowledge of controller, sensor and programming skills and

Later on you will be given the project of making your own working Robot using AVR microcontroller and embedded systems. You will learn to control the robot.

Lego Robotics training in Delhi for Kids

Robotics classes-Robotics training in Delhi, Lego Robotics-Robodude

At Robodude, We provide training in Lego Mindstorms EV3 which is a good platform for understanding basics of electronics and robotics. Lego is good for kids. The kids learn robotics in which they develop their  programming skills and get knowledge about sensor. The robot they learn to make can be controlled through ir remote of android mobile.


This is the best course for kids in the age group of 5-16 years.

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