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First Robot Unimate
The First Robot “UNIMATE” was invented in 1954. This was the first digital robot and functional. It was invented by George Devol in 1954.
UNIMATE was sold to General Motors in 1961. It worked in New Jersey for General Motors. This robot was used for lifting pieces of hot metal from die casting machines there.

What is a Robot?

An artificial or virtual electro-mechanical machine that is used to perform particular functions is referred to as “Robot”. A robot is programmed to form some functions. The word Robot means labour. The first Robot was invented in 1954. There are different types of Robots. Their functions and uses differ from each other. But all the types of robots are programmed to perform the functions accordingly and timely.
The word Robot can be physical robot as well as virtual software robot. But virtual software robot/agents are termed as bots. There are no particular specifications to term a machine as robot. The experts or professionals call a machine as Robot with the various features. For them, a machine is called Robot with following functions:

  • Electronic programming
  • Process data
  • Physical perceptions electronical
  • Operating autonomous functions to an extent
  • Moving of the machine
  • That can operate physical parts or processes itself
  • That can sense and manipulate
  • Some capability or behaviour to work like humans.

What is Robotics?

Robotics is the engineering study that deals with the construction, functions, application and operation of robots. A robot does work itself or on the assistance of a human. The term Robotics is derived from the word Robot which means labour (Slavic word= robota). Robotics was introduced by Czech writer Karel Capek.There are many types of robots and have different uses but they all have three basic similarities in them:

  • The construction i.e, shape, form and design are of same kind.
  • All have electrical components to control the machinery.
  • All robots have computer programming code to time them accordingly.

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